Karma Teachers

Yes, yoga is good for the body. And it’s good for the soul – both for…


    Yes, yoga is good for the body. And it’s good for the soul – both for you and your Karma Teacher.

    Hundred dollar yoga pants and $20 drop-in fees? Not here.

    Karma Teachers is a dedicated group of yoga instructors striving to make yoga available and affordable to everyone by offering by-donation yoga classes, workshops, and more.

    Good news for you, and great news for their karma.

    Set in a well-lit, hardwood-floored heritage building in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside, this yoga studio brings together experienced professional yoga instructors from all over the city on a fully volunteer-run mission.

    After all, if yoga is truly about selflessness and spiritual enlightenment, it makes sense to practice what you preach.

    With the goal of bringing yoga to where it’s most needed, they volunteer their time increasing the happiness and well-being of the whole city. It’s a lofty goal, but you gotta start somewhere.

    Check out the blog for almost-weekly Special events and workshops, and don’t miss the monthly Karma Social Club. (Seriously… yoga instructors know how to have a good time too.)

    Karma Teachers don’t just talk the talk about helping others, they walk the walk… which makes them the best kind of posers there is.

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